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Senior C# - Backend Automation Engineer

Details of this Position

TurnCommerce is looking for a senior software engineer that enjoys taking every day processes and automating them to help the company be lean, nimble and agile. TurnCommerce is a company that prides itself in taking the unique approach as often as possible. We automate processes more than most other companies, and we are looking for the savvy individual that can help the company achieve this goal. This position requires that you have an astute mind for looking at processes, boiling each process down to the most elemental steps, and developing applications that can perform repetitive tasks and eliminate human errors.


The candidate should live in the greater Denver metropolitan area.


We are looking for a developer who is:

  • Process Oriented - Ability to look at a process, dissect the fundamental steps of that process and break that down into systematic code to accomplish the task at hand.
  • Self-Driven - Ability to be self-driven and not feel the need for team-oriented programming.
  • A Multitasker - Ability to be working on numerous projects throughout the year, being responsible for maintaining your various background processes that will run daily/weekly/hourly after initial creation.
  • Attention to Detail - Design and implement continuous tests to prevent and minimize downtime


The following are not absolutely required, but we do expect candidate to know some of the following:

  • 5 Years Programming - At least 5 years of programming, with at least 4 years writing C# code.
  • Automation Experience - Interest in different automation technologies, which might include technologies like PhantomJS or Selenium
  • Get It Done Attitude - A mentality that most things can be hacked/broken to be more efficient and easier to use

Ideal candidate

We are looking for a self-starter who is capable of building very advanced C# applications on his/her own.

Pay and compensation

The short answer to this question - it all depends. Our pay scale ranges for this position depending on your skills and qualifications.

TurnCommerce is pre-screening all applicants based on your previous work experience and will not consider candidates who have not completed the online application. After you have submitted the application, we will look over your answers and contact you if we feel there is a potential match.

About the company

TurnCommerce is located in downtown Denver, Colorado. The business was incorporated in August of 2003 and experienced rapid growth since it was created. TurnCommerce maintains and operates some of the largest domain name properties in the world.

A few benefits

  • We pay you to quit

    If for any reason you don't absolutely love your job at TurnCommerce, the company will pay you $2,000 to quit/resign within the first 6 months of employment. Life is short. If for any reason you don't feel TurnCommerce is the perfect fit we will pay you to leave the company (credit goes to Zappos for originally coming up with this perk.)

  • State of the art gear

    You tell us what hardware you like to roll with and we will make it happen! Most people in the company use 4 monitors. Some even more. Our development rigs are extremely fast. You get the point. We believe three monitors in a development environment is the minimum but you can request as many as you like.

  • Very few meetings

    Don't like meetings? Great. We hardly have any planned or structured meetings. Why? Because we would rather be hard at work solving important technical problems. When we need to discuss project requirements or a new technical implementation, we gather in an informal setting and just start working towards the solution to that particular problem.

  • Commitment to learning

    TurnCommerce is committed to development and the enrichment of all employees and has a process which facilitates ongoing learning opportunities. We believe you will learn more at TurnCommerce than most other companies.

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